The Naish team takes on the Lost Mills International SUP Race

June 4, 2013

Naish Riders Manca Notar, Casper Steinfath and Jake Jensen made their way to Germany to take part at the Lost Mills International SUP Race amongst hundreds of other paddlers from across Europe.

Manca Notar took home an impressive 1st in the Women’s Spalter 4km Race in the Inflatable category on her Naish 12’6 SUP with a time of 00:43,28 while Jake Jensen also paddled his way to a sweet 1st place victory using his Naish 14’ Javelin. Casper Steinfath also dug deep and placed 4th using his Naish 12’6 Inflatable SUP.

On day 1 of the event, the Fastest Paddler on Earth Race took place and competitors sprinted 200m on a straight line course. Manca Notar clenched 4th with 1:15:17 and Jake Jensen grasped 5th with 00:57,89.

During Day 2’s events, Manca and Jake managed to find the energy to round out the day after participating in the Spalter Race and entered the Jamie Mitchell Survivor Race. Manca managed a 4th place finish and Jake 5th place finish.

The main event of the Lost Mills, the 18km Long Distance Race, was held on Day 3. Using their Naish 14’ Javelin’s, Casper finished 4th with a time of 1:39:47; Manca placed 5th in 2:03:03 and Jake in 6th with a time of 1:39:57.

Congratulations for making your way through a long weekend of intense races!