JAVELIN 14'0" Custom


The Naish Custom Javelin SUP has been adapted from the original Naish Javelin SUP board. Continuing to hold its title as one of the top flatwater raceboards in the Naish lineup, this custom board is built for riders looking for a race board even more narrow than the previous 23” Javelin. Maintaining its ability to perform well in glassy and choppy conditions, this re-designed narrow bodied version of the Javelin is the ultimate flat water racing board for lightweight riders who find the original Javelin to be too wide for their build. The custom Javelin SUP’s narrow and straight build maximizes efficiency, glides through the water quickly and remains stable - each feature ensuring maximum power with every stroke. All Naish Custom Javelin SUP boards are built with a custom production process using lightweight, precision cut CNC core that is vacuum laminated with carbon. The construction also uses wood veneer, S-Glass Reinforcements and a Kevlar Reinforced Rail. These reinforcements offer a lightweight body and ample stiffness.


  • Rail Carry Handles
  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad
  • Drain Holes
  • Recessed Deck Shape
  • Beveled Rail Shape


Custom Javelin 14'0" X20 14'0"/426.7 cm 20"/50.8 cm 9"/22.9 cm 225 L


  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad = Lightweight + ultimate grip + better durability over time

  • Wood Sandwich Glass Matrix Stance Area = Lightweight, longitudinal stiffness

  • Carbon Matrix Outer Deck & Bottom = Increased impact strength + durability

  • Glass Matrix Deck & Bottom = Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio

  • Molded EPS Core = Absolute precision shaping


Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad

Lightweight + ultimate grip + better durability over time

Drain Holes

Self-bailing recess

Beveled Rail Shape

Forgiving when paddling through cross chop

Recessed Deck Shape

Lower center of gravity

Rail Carry Handles

Optimized carry option for beach starts