SUP Foiling/Surf

Fitting riders of all sizes, the Hover 120 SUP Foilboard features a short, wide shape that boasts a huge sweet spot for a board of its length. While it’s a clear “no-brainer” for first-time foilers—thanks to its unbelievably stable shape—this board is also a great choice to progress with, as the foil can be positioned further back as experience grows. 

When you’re finished foiling, utilize the quad fin setup of this multi-purpose design in a SUP-surfing session. Blending the best design elements from its predecessor, the Raptor SUP, this mini simmons-style board is especially fun on small, mushy waves.  Whether you are riding on the water’s surface, or flying above it, the Hover 120 adapts to perform in an incredible range of conditions.

View the Board Specifications HERE


7'6" / 228.6 cm


30" / 76.2 cm


4 5/8" / 11.7 cm


120 L

Max Rider Wt.

230 lbs / 104 kg


FCS 4.5 (2)

3.5 Quad (2)

Ledge Handle

Pro EVA Deckpad