Glide Inflatable 12'0" X34 LT

Inflatable Touring

At 34” wide and 6” thick, the Glide 12’0” is the ultimate user-friendly board for smooth-gliding performance. Ideal for beginners on up, this super stable board combats fatigue, helping riders spend less time focusing on balance and more time enjoying the sights.

Durable and lightweight, the LT construction builds strength from the inside out. Polyester space yarn is strategically positioned in a reinforced V-connection for maximum strength and load distribution. Maintaining precision control over rocker and twist, we adhere a .52 mm 1,000 Denier PVC Hybrid Stringer once the drop-stitch is formed, to reinforce shape without weighing down the structure. A double rail construction adds further strength and stiffness, while high-heat tolerant German-made adhesive ensures long-lasting resilience. 

Ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/104 kg

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12'0" / 365.7 cm


34" / 86.4 cm


6" / 15.2 cm


24 lbs / 10.9 kg


280 L

Max Rider Wt.

230 lbs / 104 kg


  • 1st Layer Premium Drop Stitch Deck & Bottom = Durable + rigid

  • 2nd Layer Hybrid Stringer = Reinforced shaping

  • Double Rail Construction = Strength + stiffness

  • SelyTech KS-1 Adhesive = Increases long-term durability + seam reinforcement


10.0 Slide in Fin

AIR Carry Handle

Crocodile Grip

Glide Inflatable Bag

Dual Flow Pump