Performance Race/Wave

The Carbon Elite is for racers (or any rider) who want the lightest and most powerful paddle possible. This paddle provides maximum reflex and efficiency when paddling. Featuring 100% 12K Pre-preg Carbon throughout the blade and fixed shaft, the Carbon Elite is extremely lightweight and rigid. This stiffness results in a direct transfer of power, allowing riders to take full advantage of the force exerted with each stroke—a useful attribute in situations when every fraction of a second counts. Adding more durability to the design, all sizes 85 and above feature a thicker, stronger SDS shaft. Designed for high performance, while maintaining versatility, the Carbon Elite is well-suited for racing, wave riding and touring.
Includes blade cover.


  • Anti-slip Shaft & Handle Coating
  • RDS Shaft for 75 & 80 Blade
  • Fixed Paddle
  • 12K Carbon Pre-preg Shaft & Blade Construction
  • ABS Rail
ShaftWeightSurface Area
RDS 0.9 lb/422 g 75 in²/484 cm²
RDS 0.9 lb/423 g 80 in²/516 cm²
SDS 0.9 lb/424 g 85 in²/548 cm²
SDS 1 lb/470 g 90 in²/581 cm²
SDS 1.1 lb/497 g 95 in²/613 cm²


  • ABS Rail = Built-in blade edge protection

  • 100% 12K Pre-preg Carbon & Kevlar = Durable + light

  • Precision Cut CNC HD Core = Absolute precision shaping

  • High Temperature Pre-preg Molding = Optimized resin content & cure + impact resistant

Paddle Technology

Anti-slip Shaft & Handle Coating

Ultimate grip at all times, no need for wax or other grip enhancements

ABS Rail

Blade protection

RDS Shaft for 75 & 80 Blade

Accommodate smaller paddlers + more flex + forgiving shaft

12K Carbon Pre-preg Shaft & Blade Construction

Ultra light weight & stiffness

Fixed Paddle

Ultra light weight optimization

Blade Cover