Noelani Sach is Women’s 2015 Killerfish German SUP Champion

September 16, 2015

September 4-6, 2015, Pelzerhaken, Germany — Naish Team Rider, Noelani Sach completed her last race for the season by taking 1st place overall on her Javelin 12’6” X24 Carbon at the Killerfish German SUP Challenge in Pelzerhaken—the last stop on the tour.

Held in combination with the SUP Festival, the 3-day long SUP-testing event hosted 83 competitors including 62 men and 21 women, who were cheered on by a huge crowd of onlookers in town for the holiday weekend.

25-knots and crosswind conditions on the Baltic Sea in addition to the layout of the course added an extra challenge. For instance, the 400 m T-course featured two buoy turns offering riders the option to either turn with the wind, or against the wind first. Fired up by her explosive start, Noelani strategically chose to go with the wind, maintaining her lead through the rest of the course. Her strong riding earned Noelani first place in the event and the crowning title for the overall tour.

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Noelani Sach