Naish’s Kody Kerbox Takes The Combined Overall Ranking At The Alagoas Pro Grand Slam

April 7, 2014

With excellent results in both the Stand up World Tour Event (Surfing) and the Stand up World Series Event (Racing) this past week, Kody managed to propel himself to the top spot when combining the racing and surfing results of the event.

After an impressive performance this past weekend, Kody has demonstrated that he is a serious force to be reckoned with in all disciplines of stand up paddling. His incredible 2nd place in the Long Distance and solid performance in the Sprints (6th place) earned him 3rd place in the Racing portion of the event. His 5th place in the Stand up World Tour Event (Surfing) solidifies his strength as THE all around paddler of the event.

This weekend also saw Kai Lenny provide an extremely strong performance in the Sprint racing event, earning 2nd place, which moves him into 3rd place (according to our calculation) Overall in the combined (Surfing and Racing) rankings.

The depth of talent participating in the Stand up World Series is mind blowing, as the competition becomes fiercer at each and every event, making the spectacle even more exciting!

Stoked for you Kody! Keep up the amazing work!

Next up, the Abu Dhabi All Stars Grand Slam From April 11-19th…