Naish’s Kai Lenny Respects The River At The 2014 GoPro Mountain Games

June 9, 2014

Naish’s Kai Lenny hopped onto a jet plane and landed himself in Colorado’s Vail Valley from June 4-7, 2014 to take part in his first ever 2014 GoPro Mountain Games. The four-day event was a whirlwind of energy and activity as competitors of all levels took to the rivers for the SUP Cross Race and SUP Surf Sprint.

Up first, was the SUP Surf Sprint, where Kai and his Naish ONE 12’6” Inflatable SUP raced against the clock in the heart of Vail on Gore Creek. Kai navigated through a 3-mile class II/III whitewater course while dodging a handful of low bridges, drops and wave trains with ease, solidifying his place on the podium in 1st!

“So pumped to have won the GoPro Mountain Games Sprint race today! My Naish ONE 12’6” Inflatable SUP worked amazingly well! The race was pretty gnarly! Paddling my hardest at 8,000 feet is twice as taxing as being at sea level..I have so much respect for the guys and gals who river SUP!” – Kai Lenny

On Sunday, Kai battled it out with SUP river veterans during the SUP Cross Race where it was a every-man/woman-for-themselves format. The first to survive the 200 yard sprint in class II/III Gore Creek whitewater will take the top spot on the podium. After much nail-biting and a bit of a conundrum at the finish line, Kai was able to secure 2nd on his Naish Inflatable SUP once again!

Awesome job Kai!

Let Kai guide you through the Sprint Course here:–KE