Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle

August 20, 2012

Kai Lenny and the rest of the Naish team deliver a stellar performance

The past weekend had excellent conditions for the 2012 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle with light wind conditions for the Elite course race on Saturday and blasting winds for the Downwind leg on Sunday. The event attracted the absolute elite in today’s stand up racing as well as a huge fleet of open class competitors. With all the big names in town anticipation was high to see who will come out in front. Kai Lenny, on his Naish Javelin 14 LE, did not leave any doubt securing the win in both the course race as well as the Downwinder with room to spare.

Jenny Kalmbach took her Javelin MC12’6” to a 2nd place in the course race as well as a 2nd in the downwinder where she was followed by Karen Wrenn, alson on a Javelin MC 12’6”.

The rest of the team around Noa Ginella (who is just coming back to the scene from some serious injuries), Tucker Ingalls, Kody Kerbox, lead by Chuck Patterson also provided a top notch performance with everybody placing within the top 10.
Congratulations to all!

Kai is now heading off to Alaska for another adventure while Kody Kerbox will set off with Chuck Patterson to catch some serious surf in South America. Noa Ginella will next be seen at the Dukes festival on Oahu and Jenny Kalmbach is looking to intensify her training for the BOP California.

All of the athletes competed on Naish production boards making it possible to deliver top notch racing performance to everybody.

Photos credits: Gorge Performance, Chuck Patterson, John Wrenn