Mariko Strickland Wins the 2013 Stand Up World Series Event & Kai Lenny Secures the Crown @ Turtle Bay

October 14, 2013

Naish’s Mariko Strickland (Naish Javelin 12’6” LE) made her presence well known throughout the weekend as she took the win in Saturday’s Long Distance race after a surging paddle in the second half of the race. She finished an astonishing four minutes ahead of Angie Jackson, who had led for most of the first half.

In the women’s sprint race there was just as much carnage as the ladies battled with the solid waves all day and once again, Mariko claimed her spot on the podium by grabbing second, giving her the overall event win.

Kai Lenny defended his World Championship Crown in the dying minutes of the 2013 season in rather dramatic fashion this past weekend at Turtle Bay as the scene was set for the conclusion of a World Title Race that has kept the world on their toes throughout the 2013 Season.

After Saturday’s Long Distance Race, Kai had all the work to do in the sprints: he had to win and hope Connor Baxter finished 6th or worse. It was an unlikely scenario but Kai had a simple strategy: gun it for the lead and hope Connor would get caught up among the other six elite guys who’d made the final. And that’s exactly what happened…

Kai, comfortably in the lead, rounded the final buoy and looked set to surf over the finish line for a victory. With Connor struggling to puncture the field, it looked like the impossible would happen and Kai would snatch the 2013 title at the last second. But then the set of the day rolled through and Kai had no choice but to drop into a bomb wave…

Despite being the two-time SUP Surfing World Champ, even Kai couldn’t hold his Naish Javelin 12’6” LE through this one, eating it at the bottom and leaving the crowd gasping. Even after taking another set on the head and then having to scramble for his paddle, Kai was still in the lead just 100 meters out from the line. By the time Kai was on his feet and able to catch another little wave, France’s Arthur Arutkin had caught up and looked set to spoil Kai’s miraculous win… but in a sprint to the line, he held on to win and took the sprint race victory.

Watch some awesome video highlights here:

Big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to these incredible athletes! We couldn’t be more stoked for you!