Kai Lenny takes the win at Sunset

February 14, 2013

3 out of 4 riders in the final on Naish!

The 2013 Stand Up World Tour has kicked off with the season opening event, the iconic Sunset Beach Pro on the North Shore of Oahu. With mind-blowing conditions – surf ranging up to 12ft+ – and action to match, Sunset was the perfect setting as the opener of the Tour. Team Naish came on strong with the likes of Kai Lenny, Benoit Carpentier, Casper Steinfath, Beau Nixon, Kody Kerbox, Noa Ginella, Chuck Patterson, Poenaiki Raioha and Tucker Ingalls all performing at top levels throughout the entire competition.

The final came down to 3 Naish riders as well as Robin Johnston who showed great consistency. Kai Lenny pulled together a flawless heat, winning the final in dominating fashion. Kody Kerbox who delivered a stellar performance throughout the whole event, slid into 3rd place after Robin Johnston got the last wave at the horn, barely edging him past Kody. Another highlight was Poneiki Raioha, the winner of the 2013 Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge at Turtle Bay, who, at just 15 years old, placed 4th in the final.

Overall results for Naish

1. Kai Lenny

3. Kody Kerbox

4. Poenaiki Raioha

5. Beau Nixon

9. Noa Ginella

13. Casper Steinfath

14. Benoit Carpentier, Chuck Patterson

With 3 out of 4 riders in the final, Naish continues to bring success with the ever evolving Hokua board range. Huge congratulations to the entire team, well done!

Photos: ©JDPhotofairy