Kai Lenny Named 2014 Stand Up World Tour Champion 

October 30, 2014

October 29, 2014, Pointe de la Torche, FranceCollecting the most points for the tour overall, #TeamNaish Rider Kai Lenny earned the coveted championship title for the 2014 Stand Up World Tour on his 2015 Hokua LE.

Turning up the competition for the 2014 season was an incredible string of competitors posting plenty of impressive performances throughout the tour.

Amidst a fierce lineup, Naish’s Kai Lenny, along with a few other competitors including Sean Poynter and Caio Vaz, rose to the top of the heap with some epic sets throughout the tour. After taking charge in stops three and four of the tour, Kai posted the highest heat score total with 19 points—earning third place at La Torche Pro and securing him the championship title for the tour overall.

Commenting on his latest title, Lenny—the recently named 2014 AWSI SUP Athlete of the Year—mentions: “It has been a dream of mine to be a multi-world champion! Winning this year was tough; the level of riding has gone through the roof and I’m doing everything I can to stay ahead. To finish on top feels very rewarding. I feel like it was one of my best well earned SUP wave world titles. I still cant believe I am a 8-time world champion. My dream is unfolding before my very eyes! It’s so amazing!”

We’re pumped, too, Kai! Congrats for securing the world title on your #NaishHokuaLE!

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First photo by: Michel Arutkin
Second photo by: @magnoug
Photos 3-5: The Waterman League