Kai Lenny Finishes Second in 2015 Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard World Championship

July 28, 2015

July 26, 2015, Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii—The 19th annual Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Championship hosted some of the world’s foremost SUP athletes this weekend. Among the incredible pool of talent, Naish’s own Kai Lenny took second in the unlimited SUP class at this incredibly prestigious event. Additionally, Team Naish riders Kody Kerbox, Mariko Strickland and Ethan Koopmans, took podium finishes with their 14-foot Naish Javelin Maliko LE boards in other divisions as well.

This elite event is worth a six-star rating in which points awarded to competitors will count towards the Stand Up World Series rankings. Paddlers from all over the world come to Hawaii at this time of year for the chance to cross the Ka’iwi Channel. Typically 32 miles of treacherous currents, wind and swell separating Molokai and Oahu, it is not unexpected to see crest up to 12 feet high.

This race, in particular, showed very challenging conditions. Limited wind and little to no swell made for a grueling flatwater long distance stretch, forcing many strong competitors to quit along the way. Making good use of the unique nose shape of the Javelin Maliko LEs, Naish riders were able to more efficiently make use of the limited glides available, moving faster through the water to claim winning spots in the end.

Team Naish competed in various divisions: Men’s Solo Unlimited Class (typically 17 foot boards with rudders), Men’s Solo Stock Class (14 foot boards with no rudders) and Two-Person Relays. The highlighted and most talked about division leading up to the race was the Men’s Solo Unlimited Class. Neck in neck for the majority of the race with Travis Grant, Kai Lenny held his own seizing second place in one of the most brutal channel crossings seen in a long time.

Overall Team Naish results are as follows:

Men’s Solo Unlimited:
Kai Lenny: 2nd
Time: 5:15 

Men’s Solo Stock:
Ethan Koopmans: 3rd Place
Time: 5:53
Board: Javelin Maliko 14’0” LE

Men’s Two-person Relay:
Kody Kerbox and Buzzy Kerbox: 2nd Place
Time: 5:21
Board: Javelin Maliko 14’0” LE

Mixed Two-person Relay Stock:
Mariko Strickland and Kainoa Lum: 2nd Place
Time: 6:10
Board: Javelin Maliko 14’0” LE

Awards by age group: 

Men’s Two-person Relay Stock (Age 80-99*):
Chuck Patterson and Jerry Bess: 1st Place
Time: 5:26
Board: Javelin Maliko 14’0” LE

Michi Schweiger and Yannick Lii: 3rd Place
Time: 6:17
Board: Javelin Maliko 14’0” LE

Men’s Solo Stock (Age 30-39)
Yoshiaki Nagamatsu: 2nd
Time: 6:20
Board: Javelin Maliko 14’0” LE

Men’s Solo Stock (Age 40-49)
Arnaud Frennet: 3rd
Time: 7:09
Board: Javelin Maliko 14’0” LE

*This age group represents the combined age of the two paddlers.

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