Hokua Raptor – Product Video

The Hokua Raptors take small wave SUP surfing to the next level. Designed for maximum speed and snappy turns in small, slow waves, the compact 7 ft. long Raptors absolutely tear small-to-medium sized surf to shreds.

The compact outline, slab nose, V-bottom shape, relatively sharp rails and quad fin setup allow for unparalleled acceleration directly from take-off while maintaining speed through turns. Wide entry and release create a large “sweet spot”, letting the rider use a much shorter board then he/she is used to, while also creating surprising “float” and stability for boards of their volume. Fitting nicely into the trough of even the smallest of waves, the short length enables riders to pump, trim, slash and carve like never before—not to mention the added benefit of fitting inside a normal compact car!

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