Hironobu Horikoshi

Hironobu Horikoshi

Facebook: Hironobu (Hiro) Horikoshi

Instagram: hiro_horikoshi

Website: growproject.jimdo.com

Current Residence: Shonan, Japan

Home spot: Kugenuma beach

Currently riding: Mad Dog

Other Sponsors: Naish / Vasca wetsuits / Destination surf / Blueeq equipment /

Maui Fin Company jp/ZEN nutrition

Hobbies: Surfing and  taveling


How did you get into SUP? 
I started Supping surf after I watched a video of Kai Lenny.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? 
My Family

What’s in your backpack when traveling?
My Ipod

Favorite Movie?
SUP Movie

Favorite post session beverage?  
Beer & Water

Favorite post session food?  
Roast Chicken & Sushi

You’re planning your dream trip, where are you going and who’s coming with?
My dream trip would be to go on an island surf trip with my family.

Favorite thing to do when not you’re not SUPing? 

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