Dani Reinhart & Manca Notar Win the 2014 N1SCO World Championships

October 3, 2014

Bavaria, Germany, September 13-14, 2014 – With their Naish One’s in hand and excitement in the air, eager competitors lined up for a chance at a coveted spot on the winner’s podium at the 2nd annual N1SCO World Championships.

Held in picturesque Lake Chiemsee, the event hosted over 100 competitors from over 16 nations—the largest turnout of SUP competitors in Germany to date.

Winners were selected in 6 different categories: Overall Men, Overall Women, Overall Girls (16 and under), Overall Boys (16 and under), Overall 50+ and Team Relay. Seated at the top of the rankings was Dani Reinhart, for the men’s division, and Naish’s own Manca Notar placing first in the women’s division.

An atmosphere of fun and camaraderie filled the air with participants as young as 8 years old and “the Boss,” Robby Naish, himself joining in, cheering on paddlers from the back of the line.

For more info on how you can join in the fun with your Naish One, visit: http://n1sco.com/

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Photo 1: Competition heats up for the men’s division.
Photo 2: L to R – #TeamNaish Rider Chuck Patterson, Dani Reinhart, #TeamNaish Rider Manca Notar and Robby Naish
Photos 1-2 by: Maximillian Loidl
Photo 3 by: Chuck Patterson

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