Casper “the Viking” Steinfath

Casper “the Viking” Steinfath

Age: 25

Country: Denmark

Specialty: Racing, Surf, Foil


Instagram: @CJ_Steinfath

Twitter: @CJ_Steinfath


Current Residence: Cold Hawaii, Denmark

Home spot or break: Cold Hawaii

Titles/awards: 4x ISA SUP World Champion, 4x European Champion, 2017 Red Bull Heavy Water Champion

Currently riding: Maliko 12’6’’ x 24 and 14’ x 24, Mad Dog 7’6’’ , Naish Thrust Foil,

Other Sponsors: Red Bull, Mystic Boarding, Net IP, VMG Blades

Hobbies: Kitesurfing, mountainbiking, cheesecake tasting


How did you get into SUP?
Growing up in Denmark I always had a passion for the water as a surfer. While on a surftrip in Portugal 10 years ago the waves went flat one day and my uncle busted out his SUP board. I thought it was pretty fun just cruising and playing around on the board, but little did I know that SUP would soon become my biggest obsession!

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
Music, it keeps me rolling.

What’s in your backpack when traveling?
A pair of headphones, a Red Bull and an awesome book!

Favorite Movie?
Dumb and Dumber

Top five songs on your latest playlist?
Diabolic, Dance with the dead
Black Feathers, Razz
Good Name, William Onyeabor
Content, Joywave
Enter Sandman, Metallica

Favorite post session beverage?
Ice cold Red Bull

Favorite post session food?
Sushi. Lots of Sushi!!

You’re planning your dream trip, where are you going and who’s coming with?
I would be going on a Viking Saga to Iceland and some of coldest places on earth with waves. I was going to invite Kai Lenny, but not sure he is up for the severe cold and brain freezes

Favorite thing to do when not you’re not kiting, SUPing or windsurfing?
I really love mountain biking, but I also just got into kiting (thanks Robby). There are too many things to choose from now!

What, in your opinion, has been your greatest accomplishment?
I feel really proud of the work I put into winning my 4 World Titles, but my favorite accomplishment right now would have to be winning the 2017 Red Bull Heavy Water event. It took everything I had to overcome those crazy waters and 15 foot waves in San Francisco

What’s your favorite quote or saying?
With Passion as your friend, the World is at your feet

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Teleporting. There are so many places I want to go and sometimes I wish I could be more places at the same time

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