Casper Steinfath Paddles His Javelin 14’0” LE to Another Podium Finish at the Hellenic Sup Cup’s Isthmus Speed Crossing

October 31, 2013

Naish’s young Danish Viking, Casper Steinfath, paddled straight into 2nd place across the Corinth Canal behind Frenchman, Eric Terrien, at the fifth and final leg of the 2013 Hellenic SUP Cup, the third annual running of the series.

Stretching along the historic Corinth Canal, the race attracted over 120 eager locals, who were keen to paddle one of the most interesting SUP race courses in the world as well as rub shoulders with two guys that are helping put Europe on the SUP racing map.

The Corinth Canal is not only a fairly historical spot, it’s also over 6km long and a mere 20m wide at its base. It’s also dead straight, making the Hellenic SUP Cup’s Isthmus Speed Crossing perhaps the straightest Stand Up Paddle race in the world…

Proud of you Casper – way to keep climbing!  Congrats also goes out to all the other competitors who took part in this one-of-a-kind race!

Watch the video here!

See full results below.


Winners of Isthmus Speed Crossing 2013

  1. Eric Terrien
  2. Casper Steinfath (Naish Javelin 14’0” LE)
  3. George Fragos (Naish Javelin 14’0” LE)


Overall Winners of 3rd Hellenic SUP CUP


  1. George Fragos (Naish Javelin 14’0” LE)
  2. George Konstantis (Naish Javelin 14’0” GX)
  3. Tasos Galanis



  1. Yiasoumi Mikaella (Naish Javelin 14’0” MC)
  2. Pilou Poly (Naish Javelin 14’0”)
  3. Alpous Victoria



  1. Sirigos Nikos (Naish Javelin 14’0”)
  2. Kritis Marios(Naish Javelin 14’0”)
  3. Doukas Phaidon  (Naish Javelin 14’0”)



  1. Kontarini Konstantina (Naish Javelin 14’0” LE)
  2. Stalmahn Lea (Naish Nalu 10’10”)
  3. Saravanou Katia (Naish Nalu 10’10”)