2013 N1SCO World Championships

From October 12-13th, the inaugural Naish N1SCO World Championships occurred at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada with paddlers from over 9 different nations participating. Contestants hailed from Slovenia, Switzerland, South Africa, France, and Japan (just to name a few) to battle it out, race by race, using the Naish ONE Inflatable SUP boards for a chance to call themselves the 2013 N1SCO World Champion. The vibes were amazing and participants couldn’t stop raving about how much fun they had while racing and helping grow the sport of SUP.

Naish’s “ONE Design” SUP race events are helping fill the vital gap between recreational paddling and hi-end racing, attracting paddlers who aren’t “hardcore” racers, showing them a fair playing field where what board you use doesn’t influence your overall finish. Learn more at www.n1sco.com.

Sit back and enjoy this video filled with highlights & recaps from the Naish N1SCO World Championships at Lake Las Vegas. We’ll see you on the water next year!