2012 SUP Championship Tour Tahiti

October 18, 2012

The last contest of the Tahitian 2012 SUP Championship Tour was held the weekend of October 13th and featured a Junior and Open Division. Young Naish Tahiti talents Poenaiki Raioha and Oneil Massin dominated both disciplines. In the open division it was Poenaiki who took first place with his smooth yet aggressive style, getting barreled and getting the highest score throughout the entire contest with a 15.8 for 2 waves. His “weapon of choice” was the Hokua 8’0″. In the Juniors division it was 16-year old Oneil Massin on his Hokua 7’8″ who went on to win his division after just placing third in Quiksilver Surfing’s King of the Groms World Final 2012. Young Tahitian talent and son to world renowned surfer Poto, David Nainoa was able to snatch up second in the Juniors division also using his Hokua 7’8″. More great results from our riders and our production boards. Congratulations to all – well done!