Malolo 10’4” SUP Foilboard

Downwind Hydrofoil SUP

Developed with Kai Lenny for downwind or open ocean swell-foiling, the Malolo Foilboard fits any foil setup with a deep Tuttle box. Featuring an additional US box for non-foil use, this multi-purpose board can also be used for downwinders and touring. Made with our Carbon Elite construction, the Malolo features a lightweight full carbon wrap with a wood-reinforced stance area for added strength and improved load spread. The PVC sandwich deck, rail and bottom provide extra durability for superior long-lasting performance.

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10'4" / 315 cm


28" / 71.1 cm


5 5/16"


20.9 / 9.5 kg


210 L


  • High-density PVC Sandwich Deck/Rail = Added stiffness + increased impact resistance + superior skin tension

  • Wood-reinforced Stance Area = Strength + improved load spread  

  • Full Carbon Wrap = Lightweight + responsive

  • CNC Cut EPS Core = Absolute precision shaping

  • Glass Matrix Deck = Reinforced structural bond between core and PVC

  • Carbon-reinforced Rail Apex = Durable


Ledge Handle

Pro EVA Deckpad